Analyzing Football Predictions

There isn’t a single betting strategy that relies solely on statistics. Yes, it is important, but there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration if you want to win.

Table and standings

You can’t make an educated prediction if you don’t have enough statistics to back up your choice, so rely on this information if at least 1/3 of the season has passed. You can find very valuable information from

The team’s current performance

Pay attention to how well the players performed in their last 5-6 games – both home and away. This will help you understand their motivation in different situations.


This is very important because after all, you bet on how well these people play. The end result will depend on how many players are injured, how many have yellow cards, and so on.


If you are keen on watching football, you have probably seen incredible matches where the new player or the outsider outplays a more experienced footballer and saves the day. In most cases this is due to the team’s desire to win – if the possibility of losing is present, players are 150% more motivated to do their best.

Team atmosphere

This is a tough one, you can never be sure what’s the spirit in the locker room. However, if you are observant enough you can assess the players’ behaviour. Even something as simple as watching an interview with a player can help you come to the decision whether or not to put your money on his team.


Many player use statistic of history matches between the two teams to make their betting predictions. On internet every player could use sites like where they can find betting statistic for free.

Being able to analyze the situation accordingly can only benefit you. If you make educated guesses, the chances of winning good money online are pretty solid. This is not an innate talent, everyone can learn how to be reasonable. You need to develop this mindset and try to perfect your analytical skills.

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